The parishes of St. Francis and St. Joseph have a long history of volunteerism that supports several ministries.  There is always room at the table for more.  Please browse the list of the different ministries to see what peaks your interest:


Extraordinary Ministers bring Holy Communion to shut-in parishioners as well as those who are temporarily unable to attend Mass due to illness.  The current schedule is for the first and third weekend of every month.  Mary Kay Petras is our long-standing coordinator for this very important ministry.  If you are interested in joining her team, please contact the parish offices for further information.


Lectors fulfill the Ministry of Proclaiming the Word of God at both the weekend and daily liturgies.  The coordinators are Judy Koehnlein for St. Francis Parish and Jerry Solomon for St. Joseph Parish. The current schedule assigns Lectors for 2 consecutive weekends.  New volunteers are always welcome.  For those interested in this ministry, please contact the parish office for further information.


Altar Servers are not only a time honored tradition, but is one of great importance to the celebration of various liturgical events.  At St. Francis and St. Joseph, both young men and women are encouraged to consider giving of their time on a scheduled basis.  There is always room for newcomers in the program.  Please contact the parish office to schedule a time for individual training by the Parish Pastor.


Music enhances many aspects of our lives – movies, games, shopping, driving, holidays – it would be a dry world without song!  Music in the church is no exception.  It helps us rejoice more fully, contemplate scriptural words more carefully, and meditate more deeply on the mysteries that the Church presents to us at every Mass.

St. Francis and St. Joseph Churches honor the Catholic music tradition, from Gregorian chant to recently-written hymns.  Each week, the adult choir enriches the congregational music with their extra harmonies, and offers post-Communion meditations by composers from Palestrina to Hopson.  Occasionally the Youth Choir presents a meditation song, their young voices calling to mind the innocence of the angels.  In addition, one of a cadre of cantors prayerfully leads the responses during the Liturgy of the Word; organists thoughtfully choose hymns and instrumental music to reflect the message of the readings; and dedicated men and women turn out to sing for funerals on weekday mornings.  All the musicians share their talents between the two church buildings, resulting in a camaraderie and cooperation that keep the music ministry vibrant.

Singers are welcome to join in the cantor program and the choirs.  The adult choir meets on Thursdays (Sundays during Advent and Lent), alternating between the two churches as posted in the weekly bulletins.  The Youth Choir (grades 3-8) meets at St. Francis every other Wednesday, half an hour before CCD classes.  For funeral choir and cantor information, call the rectory or Karen Shell.


Click here to view information on the Toronto Catholic Woman’s Club.


For the children who do not attend a Catholic school, the Parish School of Religion (PSR) fulfills the need of teaching them all about their Catholic Faith.  Instruction for Sacramental requirements (ie: First Holy Communion, Confirmation) are provided at the appropriate grade level.  Judy Koehnlein, the director of religious education, has been involved in the program for many years.  Classes are held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, beginning in September and concluding at the end of April each year.  If your child, grade Pre-K though 8th, is not attending a Catholic school, please contact the parish office in order to receive the pertinent information.


Everyone at one time or another needs prayer.  Our prayer chain coordinator Peggy Reynolds is always looking for new volunteers.  There are only 2 requirements: 1) pass the request on to the name you are assigned and 2) Pray!  Please call the parish office for further information.